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Day 1

Gettysburg-July 1, 1863. In June, Robert E. Lee decided to take the war north. He planned to destroy the railroad bridge at Harrisburg, then "turn my attention to Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington as may seem best for our interest." After the long march north, Confederate troops were spread in southern Pennsylvania from Chambersburg, through Carlisle, and into York.

Towns across southern Pennsylvania were being "explored" for much needed supplies to continue the Southern offensive. While looking in Gettysburg, Pettigrew's Confederated brigade spotted Buford's Union cavalry on a ridge a mile west of town.

The Battle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania began on July 1 with Confederate troops attacking that Union cavalry division on McPherson Ridge, west of town. Out-numbered, the Union forces managed to hold, and even drive the Confederate army back, after the addition of John Reynold's Infantry division (and Reynold's subsequent death on the front lines).

They prevailed until afternoon, when they were overpowered by additional southern troops, and driven back through town. In the confusion, thousands of Union soldiers were captured before they could rally on Cemetery Hill, south of town.

Long into the night Union troops built their defenses and that night the bulk of Meade's army arrived and took positions.

The First Day
More Detailed Maps of All Three Days And A Lot Of Detail About The Entire Battle.
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